Easter Inspiration Painting

I woke up to a most beautiful day and went straight outside and started painting. The painting morphed several times into different subjects until it finally showed its true colors. I knew it was right when my heart felt light and happy but also realized the sadness involved. When I could sense God weeping for his only Son that he sacrificed for us so that we could have eternal life.

After I was happy with the background I laid this little twig against the painting. I liked the way it looked but didn’t want to attach it to the painting. The little twig is a dogwood tree that I tried to transplant from my son’s yard to mine. It was never happy after being moved. My husband thought I had told him to chop it down and after he did I felt so sad about the little dogwood. So I am thrilled that I was able to use in my painting after all. I laid it against the painting and painted the shadow of it.

It was so beautiful outside, I was inspired by all of the sun, greenery and bits of pink flowers that I could see.

These are close ups of the painting since they are a little difficult to see in the large picture.

The canvas which is actually a 27 x 23 piece of plywood. I leaned it against an old lawn chair because I knew I would be using a waterbottle to spray it as I worked on it.

This may be available in my Etsy Shop later. I hope you all have/had a fabulous, grateful and thought provoking Easter Sunday.

8 responses to “Easter Inspiration Painting

  1. helensadornmentsblog

    I love the use of light in your painting. It is the perfect picture for Easter.

  2. So lovely! Thank you so very much for sharing! We have had an incredibly BEAUTIFUL weekend. The weather simply could not be any more perfect – especially when celebrating Easter! I love the story of the dogwood that is part of your painting. Your painting is so expressive, and it does lift your heart just to look at it. It says that no one is a loser, no on can be defeated, except through their own will. Thank you! Happy Easter!

  3. Thank you Paula. I’m glad that I didn’t throw my little dogwood twig away. My husband laughed at me and made a reference to me being a hoarder when I baulked at throwing it out.

  4. I love it…it looks as though it is reaching out.

  5. It looks to me as if it is dancing in the rain. Loved it.

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