Give A Helping Hand

Do you know someone who could use a helping hand? Do you know someone who might be suffering from Compasion Fatigue? Maybe you could sit with there loved one for an hour a day or once a week. Buy them some groceries. Cut their grass. Clean their house. Bring them library books or your books that you have read. Send them a pizza.  Any number of things that we might take for granted would be most welcomed and appreciated by them. Look around and see who you could give a helping hand too. You can make the world a better place. You might even prevent someone’s death or suicide. Give it some thought and pass the idea around.

8 responses to “Give A Helping Hand

  1. Hi Linda, you have the most fabulous ideas! *Smile* I made a “Trading Jar” for a friend at the beginning of March, and included one of my poems and an inspiring article, that I thought she would enjoy as she was struggling a bit to juggle everything in her life… in the jar were some sweeties… and some polished stones that went with the poem, *Smile* – I haven’t had a chance to write about it as I’ve had the flu, and I completely forgot to take photos… however my friend says she read the letter, and then ate the marshmallow eggs and loved the gifts. So you can be inspired that your idea has been passed on, and I did give you credit in the Trading Jar letter, *Grin* so thanks, you are awesome! Huggs, Mands

  2. I’m hoping to get this particular jar back… even empty, as it’s perfect as a trading jar, so will let you know if and when… and I try to remember to take photos next time. *Grin*

  3. helensadornmentsblog

    What a positive message and I think I will try to do something extra nice for someone this weekend in honor of this post. Thanks for making me smile.:)

  4. Hey Linda… as someone who adores your artworks and crafts, I would be happy to receive a ‘non-edible’ filling in a trading jar from you. *Grin*
    I seldom cook… and my hubby and daughter bake the best goodies ever, so I refrain from kitchen duty as often as possible, (which is almost always) so I had to be a bit more creative, *Smile* I think what I will do… is buy another Trading Jar this week-end… and copy what I did last time. *Smile* Have fun, love and laughter Mands

  5. Thanks Linda… you always inspire me!

  6. Great inspiration for us all, Linda. 😀

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