Soundproof A Room

I found this unusual product while reading Curtis L. Heuser’s book, Your Home a living canvas. He used JaDecor to soundproof a laundry room and heating system as well. The product comes as a dry component that looks like bits of fluff or shredded cotton with the stems still on. What it actually consists of is dyed cotton particles and cellulose and can also include colored metallic or even mica for added decoration. It is mixed with water and troweled on the wall. It is a very green product and does not mold. It also insulates against noise and extreme temperature changes and is not affected by humidity.  Supposedly it is ranked as one of the safest enviromental wall coverings.

I tried to look it up on the web and provide a link but that seems to be impossible. I found one thread pertaining to it on a forum for the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers, Inc.  There was this email address to contact and that is all .

Here is a link to Curtis Heuser on Youtube.

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  1. Great blog, thanks for sharing and its really useful to know bits and bobs that you’ve put.

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