Disgusting Bastards

The photograph says it all.  A young man standing before the camera proudly holding an elephant’s tail. A tail that he just chopped off of an elephant that he had just killed. An elephant who was minding his own business. Not bothering anyone, living his life happily with its family.  Did you kill them too young man? Or were they running in fear for their lives? Was it an old one who couldn’t run as fast? We know how it is in your family business, the biggest, best, loudest and strongest wins. It’s disgusting.

Donald Trump’s sons hunt and chop up animals for the fun of it. Just for fun.  Not in self-defense. Just for fun. Have they never seen an elephant family together? Have they never seen an elephant’s tears? Did they kill a mother, father, grandparent elephant? A young one maybe? What family member is being mourned tonight?

How can can they be proud of this? That’s despicable. You think you look like some big shit holding an elephant’s tail that you chopped off? No you are a disgusting bastard. There are no other words to describe you.

That photo makes me sick. I would never have any respect for someone who did something like that. The villagers who live there may have to rely on hunting for their food, I don’t know. I see that it says the Trump’s donated the food but that doesn’t excuse the fact that they did it for sport and then posed for photographs holding pieces of the animal.

Anyone who does this for sport is a disgusting bastard.


7 responses to “Disgusting Bastards

  1. Strong sentiment, but accurate. I agree.

  2. What the rich and idle do for fun.
    You have it quite right….bastards….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. Sorry my darling but I read the first two lines and that was enough for me. I could not read anymore … I cannot understand how people can treat animals in such a way..you are right ..they are Bastards, and I don’t swear….

  4. Disgusting animals . . . the Trumps, not the elephants.

  5. Typical republicans! They raise their demon spawn to believe that the world is their playground and everything in it is theirs for the taking.

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