I had so much fun making these! I will be making a lot more. The wire wrapping is called the Herringbone weave. Here is a link to my Etsy Shop for this one.

And this one.

7 responses to “Necklaces

  1. So beautiful! I am so impressed! Now if my pocketbook were impressed with cash I would be over in a heartbeat and buying. I have your etsy page in my file, and will be perusing there first when it is gift-buying time for some of my friends! Thank you very much for sharing.

  2. Oh you are so sweet Paula. I just completed knocked the wind out of my sails by looking at other similar things on Etsy. I feel like a pre-schooler now. I saw a wire wrapped necklace for 600 and something dollars!! Can you imagine?! I sure can’t.

  3. I love them… and the Herringbone weave is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Linda! (Hey Paula… we have to swop birthday dates, *Grin*) The postage costs would be more than the actual necklace otherwise I would be first in line to buy the second necklace, it’s really lovely. I have some beautiful stones with holes drilled in them, I think I’ll ask Jess to try and make them with the Herringbone weave… will make it a home school creative/craft project. *Smile* You are awesome Linda, thanks!

  4. Mands I found the tutorial that I learned from on Youtube.

    there was another one but i can’t find it right now, too sleepy. goodnight.

  5. Thanks Linda you are a sweetheart. It’s 9:24am and I’ve been up since 6:00am and I would love to go back to bed as I’m still sleepy. *Grin* Lots I want to do. 😉 Sleep well and sweet dreams. *Mwah*

  6. Beautiful Linda…love the sun!

  7. Great looking art work there.. Keep up the great work…Etsy is a great place to sell stuff like that…I have an etsy site. Was doing rather well before the bottom fell out on the Global Economy, and the housing crash. Mostly antique and collectible stuff, but, I did sell a couple of lamps I made on there. Good Luck, maybe things will pick up a bit soon.

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