Noah Didn’t Fly Away

Matthew 24:37
 Noah wasn’t carried away to safety. He was told to prepare for the coming anarchy and he did. He gathered supplies, food, animals, seeds and built a shelter.

Noah was kept safe in the middle of chaos because he had the peace of God that comes from an ongoing personal relationship. Faith is not the mental assent of the mind nor a confession of the mouth but an obedience to the revealed will of God just as the Bible is not a book of principles to be practiced to find favor with God but a book of promises to be believed. Some promises are for some people, other promises for other people. Not all promises are for everyone. The only one that is for everyone is the promise of salvation.

A new earth was then created.

Matthew 24:29

Thessalonians 4:13

Noah had a  spiritual peace from God. Because of Jesus Christ our rest is in our hearts. Not in a specific day or time of worship. We have no way of earning our way to heaven or threat of being left behind. There is no left behind.

Scripture says that in the blink of an eye a new heaven and a new earth will be created.

Do you think the people of Egypt, Syria, Libya, Rwanda, Bosnia and Serbia are not experiencing tribulation? And worst of all the people who suffered in the Holocaust? Truly nothing could be worse than what they went through.

II Thessalonians 2:2

II Thessalonians 2:1-4

No one will escape ahead of time, so as Noah did you should prepare. Physically and most importantly spiritually.

But don’t trust me, read the Word for yourself.

One response to “Noah Didn’t Fly Away

  1. This is very true, Noah didn’t fly away. But, we have to think a little ahead of Noah…His great grandfather Enoch did.., Anyway, yes, also the Israelites in Egypt didn’t fly away when all the plagues fell upon Egypt, they were only covered by the blood over their doors. Although, if we do some studies in comparison, of the Jewish harvest, we can see there are three possible parts of the “Rapture”…Maybe…
    1. the Barley Harvest= the Gentiles, or the Church
    2. Wheat Harvest=Jewish Remnant.
    3. Grape harvest…which, I don’t want to be in…as among those are the “Grapes of Wrath”, words we not only find in the Old testament speaking of Grapes, but, also in Revelation..speaking of souls.
    Bless you
    When are you going to fix your Gravatar link so people can find your site easily from other sites you leave comments in? You can click my Gravatar and get my Email address if you’d like to discuss the Rapture possibilities more, or the Gravatar Link thing.
    Bless you

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