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The Trading Jar

My neighbor gave us this jar last week filled to the brim with his delicious home-made vegetable soup. It was hearty and filling. This man likes to cook and does it very well. As a lot of you know I do not like to cook but every once in awhile I am inspired to try something. I have always made chocolate oatmeal cookies just not in many many years. So I made some yesterday and put some in the jar. I dressed it up with a ribbon and after taking the picture I added a matching tag that said, The Trading Jar. So I will let you know what I get back in the jar.


Little Mouse

After reading Robert Burns, To A Mouse on Nancy’s blog I wanted to share this beautiful little card that I have had for some time now.

I read the Standard English Translation and really enjoyed it. I would say that Robert Burns was quite a nice and admirable young man.  Quite the catch I would say.

I have had many pet mice and loved them so much. They were great fun, sweet and gentle.

Portrait Of A Heavy Heart

Presidental Candidates – Animal Rights

After reading this article showing which candidate has done exactly what for animal welfare you might change your mind as to who you would vote for. I know that I have.

Southeast Pet Rescue Railroad

If you are in this area you might want to know what candidate is doing or not doing something to help animals.

Marie Antoinette Inspired Paper Slippers

I know these don’t have a theme from the correct time period but I thought it would be interesting to change it up a bit. I looked through a 1937 May issue of Redbook magazine and found a few pictures to make some forms with. This one is a Beech Nut Gum theme. The photo shows both sides of the sole even though there is only one actual sole.

Woo Hoo Justice Is Served!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A young recently widowed mother alone with her newborn son is hero. She did what had to be done to save their lives. She shot the dirty rotten no good evil demon! Now he can’t try to hurt anyone else and we don’t have to pay taxes for him to sit in jail and enjoy himself. Here is the article from Yahoo News.

Now where is my gun I need to go to the range for some practice.