Funny Tattoos

From the Ellen Show, Shine on Yahoo,

These tattoos are so funny, I wanted to share them just in case you haven’t seen them.

6 responses to “Funny Tattoos

  1. helensadornmentsblog

    You gotta love Ellen! She is sooo funny and these are a riot as well.

  2. they are so funny but I still think that people are weird to do such things!

  3. OMG! You have to be kidding me! How hilarious! Thanks so much for the lift in my day. Can’t wait to send them to Hubs – he was just talking this morning about his disgust with the whole tattoo thing – he feels that it has gotten WAY out of hand! Personally, I think it’s a waste of good money, but if you feel you have to spend it that way – it’s your prerogative! 😆

  4. Disgusting, but these are funny.

  5. Haha! I love the lawn mower one. That guy has a good sense of humor!

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