The Trading Jar

My neighbor gave us this jar last week filled to the brim with his delicious home-made vegetable soup. It was hearty and filling. This man likes to cook and does it very well. As a lot of you know I do not like to cook but every once in awhile I am inspired to try something. I have always made chocolate oatmeal cookies just not in many many years. So I made some yesterday and put some in the jar. I dressed it up with a ribbon and after taking the picture I added a matching tag that said, The Trading Jar. So I will let you know what I get back in the jar.

3 responses to “The Trading Jar

  1. Very cool idea, great photo!

  2. I love this idea… I love the jar and the cookies and would be very happy if I was the recipient. *Grin* Since I’m not, I think I’ll be inspired by you and go and buy my own jar and make another “Trading Jar” ~ if that’s ok with you? *Smile* Thanks for visiting… thanks for sharing and have a superb week-end!

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