Marie Antoinette Inspired Paper Slippers

I know these don’t have a theme from the correct time period but I thought it would be interesting to change it up a bit. I looked through a 1937 May issue of Redbook magazine and found a few pictures to make some forms with. This one is a Beech Nut Gum theme. The photo shows both sides of the sole even though there is only one actual sole.

3 responses to “Marie Antoinette Inspired Paper Slippers

  1. How cool! Am anxious to see the progression of these. I love the curve in the graphics.

    • Oh sorry stupid me, I should have said that I am not going to make anything with them. I put on Etsy to see if they would sell. Sorry about that. But then again if they don’t sell, then maybe I will make them. I live the curve also and colors.

  2. Love old advertisements. Good luck with your Etsy page.

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