Rather unexpectedly I had to let my son’s dog out to go the bathroom a few days ago. My daughter in law is a doula so she had to leave the house in too much of a hurry to give the dog all the time it needed. So as I hadn’t slept because I didn’t have my sleep meds I was wide awake. I took this opportunity to take pics of their dog on the greenway behind their house. I was under the impression that they always took her out there without a leash. I just found out when I showed him one of the pictures I took that I was wrong! I told him she walked right along with me never going more than about fifteen feet away and always looking back for me and coming when called. He could not understand why she had been so good. I am so glad we didn’t happen upon any other animals that would have lured her away! The sun never came out and I didn’t get the pics I hoped for but it was a nice walk for both of us. I wish I could take my dogs but they don’t walk well enough to go through the forest to get to the paths on the greenway. Plus there is lots of mud for them to drag me through. Maybe one day next week I will brave it. They would love it. So here are two pics that I took.

3 responses to “Oops!

  1. Glad that the pup behaved without mishap.

  2. Maybe you’re secretly a dog-whisperer! 😉

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