Forget Christmas Spirit

I have my painting spirit back! It’s still a million miles from the finished product but I am so happy to have gotten to this point in the last two days. I was afraid I had lost my painting spirit forever. I can only paint when my spirit feels it and my spirit seems to take very long breaks.

6 responses to “Forget Christmas Spirit

  1. What a gorgeous start, Linda! Enjoy your painting spirit!

  2. Linda, what a warm and beautiful piece. I admire your energy. The creative spirit is always there. It never goes away. If you find yourself in a dry spell, take the time to go to a gallery or museum and feel the energy around you. This can often translate to being an inspiration for you.

    • It’s funny that you say you admire my energy as I have almost none because of having Fibromyalgia. The only way I can usually get anything accomplished is lots of Mountain Dew. Oh it just struck me, maybe my painting spirit hides in the Mountain!

  3. My creative spirit has not only been on a 4year break I think it has left home completely. I have all the paints and the brushes but no inclination….

    Your painting is very artistic and very beautiful..just keep going .
    I admire your dedication and perseverance

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