Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Best!

Look how wonderful! If this doesn’t make you day I don’t know what will. Just look at the happiness, relief and love on the faces of these dogs.

Shop Local and/or Small

Buy a hat. Eccentric Owl’s mom makes beautiful hats. Everyone needs a hat.

Stupid Printers

If you want to laugh, read this article about printer frustration from thedingleberry. Do not skip the comments they really add to this piece. I was about to roll on the floor laughing.


Look at these fantastic recipes on The Food Librarian’s blog. Thanks to The Simple Life Of A Country Man’s Wife for posting this delicious information. I’m hungry now.

This is Karma

If men have sex with animals their —– might just rot off! It you are gross and mean enough to do that then that’s what you deserve. Now if it would only work that way for pedophiles. Too bad they don’t spontaneously combust at some later point in time.

In Their Honor

This is something we should all remember the next time we think we have something to complain about get upset over. Veteran describes ‘1,013 Days in Hell’

$500 Chronicle Book WISH LIST

Ok here is my $500 Chronicle Book WISH LIST as part of the Chronicle Books: Happy Haul~idays! as originally seen on Nancy’s blog, Spirit Lights the Way. Enter for a chance to win $500 worth of books from Chronicle Books.

1.Over and Under the Snow
2.Around the World Puzzle
3.Farts Around the World
4.Big Vegan
5.Craft Inc. Business Planner
6.Same Place, More Space
7.Handy Dad
8.Tokyo: A Certain Style
11.Five Flights Up and Other New York Apartment Stories
15.Kokeshi Kimonos
16.Press Here
17.Paper + Craft
18.The Life of Fly
19.Pocket Cash
21.Paris Changing
22.Seeing Beyond Sight
23.Above Paris
24.Chavez Ravine: 1949
26.This is Blythe
27.Eric Carle Wall Decals
28.The Woods
30.Doodle 123!
31.MoMA Modern Play House
32.Spot the Plot
33.Cook It in a Cup!
34.The Enchanted Dolls’ House Paper Dolls: Lucinda
35.D.I.Y. Kids
36.Sparkle and Spin
37.Art Up Close
38.An Egg Is Quiet
39.All Mixed Up
40.Rosie and the Nightmares

Oh the fun!  Good luck everyone!

The Strangest Book Ever

This is without a doubt the strangest book I have ever come across. Library of Dust By David Maisel, Essays by Geoff Manaugh, Terry Toedtemeier, and Michael Roth from Chronicle Books is a collection of photographs of…no I have decided not to tell you. You have to click on it and read it for yourself.  And no, you won’t see any dust bunnies. Go on, read all about it  🙂


A Pop of Color

For all of you who are going through summertime withdrawals.  A picture that my dad sent me from his yard back in the spring.

The Three Amigos

Sound asleep in the bed.