You Probably Shouldn’t Homeschool Your Kids If

You have to be told to take them to the park or enroll them in sports or interesting extra-curricular classes.

From SheriBob

When you are teaching your child at home, he or she will not be around their peers. This may put a damper in making new friends or seeing the friends they currently have. So if you do decide to home school your child, try to enroll them in classes and clubs that spark their interests. You should also try taking them to the playground after school or during the weekend. Some local libraries and other locations will even have events for those who home school. This will help your child to meet other children and make new friends. You should also be sure to allow your child to keep in touch with their friends from school.

Most homeschool groups have more co-ops and group activities than you could ever need. Science classes, Math groups, Lego Clubs, Photography and classes of all kinds. The list is endless. Any and everything you can think of is usually available within twenty miles of any homeschool family. Also most homeschool kids already play on sports teams.  The concept that  anyone has to be told to socialize their homeschooled kids really feeds into the stupid  idea that so many people have of homeschooled kids being kept away from others and in a closet.

If you have to be told that you should take your kids to the park or out for playdates you probably shouldn’t even have kids!

3 responses to “You Probably Shouldn’t Homeschool Your Kids If

  1. helensadornmentsblog

    I admire homeschoolers. A friend of mine that does it says her family has never been closer.

  2. Homeschool? Sheesh, I relish the time mine is at school … 😉

  3. I have never ever understood people’s fears about this- I tell people that we are considering homeschooling our child and the first thing- sometimes the only thing they say is…”just make sure you socialize them with other children.” I kind of agree with you- do we really have to be told this? There is church, and cousins and siblings and family and birthday parties… Unless you live in the country far away from people…but at the same time I know that a long time ago people lived very spread out from each other, on farms or raising animals and the ONLY type of education most people had was at home, and only being socialized with their parents and siblings. So I have never and will never understand why people are always so concerned about this.

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