Money Embezzled From Animal Shelter

More than $10,000 ! How many lives would that have saved? How many bellies would that have fed?

3 responses to “Money Embezzled From Animal Shelter

  1. It’s hard to believe. One wonders what the person responsible had in mind – if he or she was able to actually justify such a thing. Of course, the same thought goes through my mind when I read of any consciously committed crime. I say consciously committed, because I assume that people who commit crimes “unconsciously” have absolutely nothing running through their minds. Sad article to read – and th e comments made on th at page are also a bit sad, too. . .

  2. How dispicable!

    I see that she has been released on bail.. I reckon her ‘punishment’ should be to work at least 30 hours a week at the Animal Shelter for no pay until she has repaid in kind 10,000 dollars AND I MEAN WORK!

  3. Oh, what a wonderful world 😦

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