Shut These Egg Farms Down

These evil egg farms need to be shut down. Warning: Don’t watch this video by ABC News Investigations if you are eating. Or if you are extremely sensitive. I don’t eat a lot of eggs but I will be looking for a local source where I can see with my own eyes that the chickens are treated decently.

3 responses to “Shut These Egg Farms Down

  1. We don’t eat eggs or chicken or pork or beef or turkey. We don’t drink milk either The way we produce meat and dairy products is DISGUSTING ~ a national disgrace.

  2. I wish I could get to that point just haven’t yet. I ate the best bacon ever the other night at The Cracker Barrel resturant, something I very rarely eat. I felt guilty but dang it was good. I don’t eat beef at all and almost never pork.

  3. I could not watch the video as my internet is too slow, but many years ago I gave up eating Battery farm chickens or their eggs. Now we get our eggs from Jorge next door

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