In Their Honor

This is something we should all remember the next time we think we have something to complain about get upset over. Veteran describes ‘1,013 Days in Hell’

4 responses to “In Their Honor

  1. My dad served in the Korean war too . . . in military intelligence. The conditions he endured were stark, but not brutal.

    Thanks, Linda.

  2. I can’t imagine how people live through things like this man described. I can’t imagine how one person does this kind of thing to another person.

  3. Excellent post! The endurance that some people have through such horrific things always stuns me. I highly recommend that you read Laura Hillenbrand’s book, “Unbroken.” It is an extraordinary true story of a man who went through imprisonment during WW II, held by the Japanese. It is an incrediible story The author also wrote the fabulous book, “Seabiscuit.” She is probably the best narrative history writer alive today. Emminently readable, real page rutners!

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