Monthly Archives: October 2011

Beauty and the Beast All in One

Don’t Bite Me

I have never seen Darla stay this interested in a squirrel for that long. At least an hour, maybe more.  The squirrel was scared to death. I felt so bad for him, sitting there saying, “please don’t bite me”.

Pet Portrait

Jake before and after. What a good boy. For a hyper dog he sat still just long enough for me to get his portrait.


Wow this stuff is a super food. I ate some for breakfast and I feel great! I found amazing facts about the cool fruit here. If you don’t know much about papaya you need to read this.

Jack And The Beanstalk

He is real! I found one of his teeth in my yard last evening. It plummeted smack down into my backyard landing with the pointy root down.

Imagine my surprise when I gently pushed and pulled what I thought was an ordinary mushroom and when the ground finally released it, it was Jack’s tooth!

Internet Safety

Momma, you know I can’t show my face for everyone on the internet to see! This is all they get, the back of my head.

Sitting with Style

Is this what you want Grammie?

Luna was the only one to ever come close to figuring out what I was trying to do. Oh well it was the wrong time of day anyway. I was trying to cool off outside after vacuuming the house.


You want us to sit where? What? We’re confused.

Luna Baby Sleeping

I love to watch Luana sleep, she is as cute as any baby when she sleeps. This photo doesn’t do her justice.

Optical Illusion-3/D manipulation

Just playing around with this photo and it looks to me like it pops in a 3-D way. I keep wanting to touch it. It almost seems as if it was knitted at one moment or cut from paper the next.