Necklace for a Niece

Just a little treat that I whipped up for my niece. She’s a little whipper snapper as the old folk would say. She’s the best player on her softball team but she likes girly things too. I believe she is the ripe young age of eight. What sport did you  enjoy the most when you were eight?

8 responses to “Necklace for a Niece

  1. Very cool necklace, Linda. At eight, I liked hopscotch, jump rope, hula hoop, pogo stick, bicycling, catch, etc. No team sports back then.

  2. helensadornmentsblog

    She’s a lucky girl, this is so pretty. I was on the track team and ran a lot as a kid.

  3. She’ll love it.

    LOL, I can’t remember being 8 😉

  4. Lovely necklace, what a lucky young lady. I too have difficulty remember being 8. However around that time I know I was a bit of a tomboy and climbed a lamp post, one of the old ones in the UK which had bars near the top. You can see ictures of repro ones here
    The game was to shin up and swing from the bars, I slipped and caught my front tooth, chipping it and I have had a wonky smile ever since.

  5. It’s a good thing that it was only a tooth really. I thought you were going to say something much worse! I tried to make a comment about the beautiful Christmas tree you made but I am not sure that it took my comment.

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