Freed why?

The Lockerbie bomber was freed because he had cancer. I say so what! Ok well in my head I am saying a lot more than that.

Who gives a rat’s ass what was wrong with him. I don’t think any of the 270 dead people and their families do. Were they asked about this I wonder?

And now he is on death’s door. Boo Hoo. He has a few big surprises waiting around that door. Hope he enjoys them. Actually come to think of it, maybe he will linger and not in a coma but just at the edge of death’s door.

I haven’t heard anything about him repenting or being sorry. No apologies have been offered to any of the family members who lost their loved ones, not that I would ever accept it if I was in their place.

He was a cold-blooded evil murderer. May he not rest in peace but rot in hell.

4 responses to “Freed why?

  1. Whatever happens to him . . . I wish you peace!

  2. I am not so certain that this is the Lockerbie bomber who is shown in the pictures as on his death bed.
    When he was sent back he looked as tho he was on his last legs but he looked completely different when he arrived in Libya.
    Now that he is on the verge of being deported, even though it would never happen, he is suddenly ill again..very fortunate!
    The pics on TV show a man with brown hair not gray. This could be any person from the casualties in Libya, just made replace him.
    we would a;ll believe that he had died but all the time he would be free in Libya.
    I am not so sure…I could be wrong!
    But whatever and whoever he is, May God forgive his sins for there are many on this Earth who never will.

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