Really?! Child killers set free

People don’t let your dogs or your children out of your sight. We have now asscended into the bowels of hell. Michael Vick gets a slap on the wrist and goes back too becoming a high paid ball player, now these three men are set free! What the hell is going on? One of these men confessed and there was evidence to convict them. The article says if they re-offend they would be sent back to prison. What? And how would that help the victim of their re-offense!!!! Another small child would be tortured and killed! If, if! What about you stupid judge? Do you have any children, grandchildren? You must not or you are the biggest idiot around. You too are a sick bastard.

6 responses to “Really?! Child killers set free

  1. I could not read the articles that you quoted as it would have upset me too much. What can we do to help to stop this? You let me know and I will do everything in my power to help.

  2. I plucked up courage and read the article , but what has it to do with dogs. These three are murderers and should be in prison¬!

  3. Sorry misswhiplash I included the two (children and dogs) together because they both seem to be getting the short end of the stick protection wise lately.

    I would say the biggest thing we can do is too keep our eyes and ears open. Be nosy. Notice who is coming and going from your neighbors yards and what they might be carrying off! Make yourself visible so that the bad guys see that you see them. Call the police right away if something seems amiss. Write down descriptions, take photos and videos. If you are purchasing a dog find out exact details in writing about it’s origin.

  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    I saw that and cringed. I remember watching a disturbing documentary on HBO about that case and remember thinking those guys were guilty as sin…

  5. I can’t believe those celebrities were supporting them.

  6. Good God, that is just outrageous 😦

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