Michael Vick

You are a sick evil bastard. Everyone who fights dogs are sick evil bastards. How you treat an animal reflects the way you would treat a person. You still don’t get it. You are not remorseful, you still don’t care. You are clueless therefore obviously soulless. You disgust me. This article says it all.

8 responses to “Michael Vick

  1. I don’t really want to read the article for I am sure that it would upset me.
    If this person is dog fighting then he deserves everything that he gets. If I had anything to do with it I would have him anhilated.
    There is nothing so despicable in a human being as encouraging animals to fight each other. It is barbaric! It is cruel. The same goes for cock fighting and deer coursing.
    LEAVE OUR ANIMALS AS GOD CREATED THEM…NOT MAKE THEM INTO MONSTERS. Books is right YOU are an evil bastard and I would like to shoot you…

    • The article was basically saying that Michael Vick who got in trouble because of dog fighting and did jail time does not think it’s all such a big deal. He is trying to blame on his culture, the poverty he grew up in blah, blah, blah. Everything except the choices he made to abuse and hurt an innocent animal.

  2. Outrageous. Horrible man should have his testicles removed without anaesthetic!

  3. I am with Cindy here!!!!

  4. Don’t hold back! Say what you really think! ))

    Joke aside, you’re right. I hate the idea of people causing animals to suffer.

  5. He is a sick bastard. I concur with Cindy’s suggestion.

  6. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    Amen. And what a wonderful message we send our kids that he is now back making millions on the field….just like everything is forgotten….

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