Chalk it up!

Upon first sight I thought this was a rather odd choice for a headboard but then I realized it’s perfect. Perfect for all of those middle of the night ideas that we can never remember in the morning. Sometimes a pad of paper and a pen just are not large enough to hold those sparks of genius.

I think I would make a smaller frame that fit right above the mattress for a more fitted look.

Just one of the many interesting and fun ideas from Do It Yourself Magazine. Click on over and check it out.

5 responses to “Chalk it up!

  1. Very cool idea, Linda.

    You would have been pleased with my creativity today. I turned two zebra striped pillow shams into a valance for our bedroom . . . without sewing a single stitch! Just a few snips (6 per sham), thread the rod through the “tabs” and drape the uncut side out. They look SO MUCH BETTER than the ugly valence left on the window by the previous owner.

  2. Fabulous Nancy! I’m stopping by too see if there is a photo.

  3. I haven’t posted about it. Besides BFF, you’re the only one I’ve told.

    You’re always impressing me with your creativity so I thought I would share.

  4. You may get a very dusty head …

  5. What a brilliant idea! Night time thoughts about things to do the next day can keep you awake so by writing them down on your blackboard you get a good nights restful sleep and the thought is still there in the morning


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