The Sweetest, Smartest Kitty Ever!

This is breathtaking. To think a sweet little cat can do this. It just melts my heart to pieces. I hope Nora’s owner doesn’t mind me sharing this. I just love it. I knew you would to.

4 responses to “The Sweetest, Smartest Kitty Ever!

  1. We loved it! Thanks, Linda.

  2. Too adorable 🙂

  3. That is pretty amazing!

  4. Oh Nora you sweet clever puss, I love you to bits!
    Even though my internet connection is so poor and I get a video in dribs and drabs I was so enchanted that I sat here for nearly 10 mins just watching and waiting. i think in the end you had a helping hand! (paw,sorry)
    lots of tickles under chin

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