Yarn Along

Today I discovered Yarn Along. It is a weekly post by Ginny from Small Things. You post a picture of what you are knitting or crocheting and reading at the time. I don’t knit or crochet very well at all. Some of you may remember my excitement at acutally making a hat back during the fall. That was an amazing feat for me! So here is my meager offering for the Yarn Along. It is supposed to be a blanket for the Animal Shelter. At the rate I am going one little dog might get it by the time winter comes along again. The book is Chang and Eng by Darin Strauss, about Siamese twins born in Siam in 1811. They were from taken from their very loving and protective family at the age of seven and made to perform for audiences around the world. Later they married two sisters from North Carolina which I think is the oddest and most unexpected thing for that time period. It is so interesting and I loved reading about their early life with their parents who loved them so much.

5 responses to “Yarn Along

  1. Thanks, Linda. Sounds an interesting book ~ and a worthwhile knitting project. Love the yarn you chose.

    I gave away my knitting needles many moons ago.

  2. Your knitting is like my reading–when I have to choose between the two, I choose knitting, which means it takes me sometimes months to get through a book.

  3. I agree, lovely yarn! Off to a good start!

  4. Oh well, your intentions are good, best of luck with the knitting. The book sounds quite sad?

    • Well it is written in such a way as to give you a break in between the sad parts. I guess so you will continue to read. It swings back and forth in chapters between them in childhood and as they are adults. I read a really horrible part today that I would have rather skipped. It was something they witnessed and not something that happened to them but still I think there are going to be way too many sad parts.

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