The dog who pooped up a tree

Yes I said pooped not barked. I was torn between being embarrassed and laughing myself silly. I decided to take just Snorty for a walk by himself. I thought for some stupid reason it might be easier. It wasn’t.

One would think that walking two dogs at the same time would be more difficult. Especially since Darla pulls terribly. Well now I know what a big help Darla is. She has been reining Snorty in all of this time as we walk. Sometimes I hold their leashes as if they were horse and I am a wagon driver. Other times I hold them both in one hand. There is no good or easy way. As long as I am not being drug along on the ground I see it as a good thing.

Snorty having free rein however was not. But wait I am about to forget about the poop. He was smelling around a tree as he loves to do. Then of course he had to pee on it. That’s fine. But then he backed up to it. I mean really backed up too it and before I realized it he had actually pooped up the tree! Yes there it was, a sausage link of poops, right up the tree. I have never seen anything so strange. No need to pick that up as there is pretty much no chance that anyone will step in it. Actually I forgot to bring a bag as Darla almost never poops outside of our yard.

I decided not to take Snorty all the way around the walking trail as it might be too much for him. Wouldn’t want him to pass out and not be able to make it home. Yeah right.

I tried to turn around and go back home and he wouldn’t have it. Now how would he know? That’s the fartherest I have walked him on the trail. He would still be walking, just not in the same direction. It took forever to get him back to the other side and to the road that we needed to cross to be out of the trail. Did I mention that it was 91 as the sun just after the sun went down? It was. So we get to the road and he layed down! I said ok maybe you are tired, I’ll give you a minute. Or even two or three. Every time he got up he would try to go back the other way. Then he layed down and rolled all around on his back being so silly and funny. But he still wouldn’t go across the road.

I decided it couldn’t hurt to pick him up just to cross the road. Surely I could make it. If I can get out of bed and walk tomorrow we will know the answer to that one. But then again with the Fibromyalgia it could take a few days to a week to hit me. Hoping for the best. So I did it. I picked him up. I picked him up and headed across the road. About half way I realized it was a horrible idea. I really thought I was going to drop him. I barely made it to the other side. He must weigh fort-five pounds!

My battle wasn’t over. Now we had to walk across a grassy area and through a parking lot and cross one more street to get home. He layed down again! I must have looked like a woman in great distress as a night manager came out of the building where the grassy area is. He laughed and said maybe you should spank him like a bad kid. He was a nice guy and we talked while trying to get Snorty to keep moving across the grass. It took a long time. Surely I sweated off those two bowls of ice cream that I ate last night. And made room for one more now.

Finally we made it home. It must have taken an hour or more for what should have been maybe twenty minutes.


2 responses to “The dog who pooped up a tree

  1. I’m sorry, but I am giggling … hope the FM doesn’t get worse 😦 I feel your pain …

  2. That dog looks too big to pick up. Thanks for sharing his tale.

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