A true hero!

This indeed is a good man. A wonderfully good man. How far would you go to save your dog? Or cat? Or precious pet of whatever kind?

6 responses to “A true hero!

  1. I love stories with happy endings like this. Thanks, Linda.

    • He’s so nice maybe he would want snorty! I felt sorry for him in this heat and I let him inside. He peed on the bedspread and floor, twice. Ick! My husband only knows about once. And this isn’t the first time. He has shade outside and lots of water and I give him ice, but dang it’s so hot.

  2. I wonder if Snorty’s incontinence has something to do with his previous owners not having found him?

    • No just male marking I think. He isn’t fixed. My mother in laws dog did that really bad. I had to ban him from our house. But then again he still did that afterwards. I have never had a male dog in the house before. Guess I won’t now either. I give him lots of ice in his water and do what I can too keep him cool. Thats better than him wandering lost, hungry or hurt. I keep telling him that. Now if he would just behave!

  3. Uh oh, Snorty will never be taught not to pee inside, what a pity. Nice story, kind man.

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