I’m short and stout but I get about.

I really can not believe how fast this fat little old guy can move.  Especially when it comes to trying to beat you to getting in the back door.  He can’t come in the house because he is not fixed. He is a stray that I found. I have done everything I can think of to find his owners but it really seems as if someone has dropped him off. I am totally in love with him now. I do everything I can to make him feel welcome and happy and at home. He is precious.

4 responses to “I’m short and stout but I get about.

  1. “Mom! Snorty stuck his tongue out at me!”

    “Stick your tongue out at Snorty, then!”

  2. Go doggy go!!…what a look.

  3. Sweet. LOL @ Nancy ;D

  4. LOVE it…oozing character!

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