I can’t come in because I am male?

That’s not fair 😦


3 responses to “I can’t come in because I am male?

  1. So, your visitor is still there?

    Too bad his owners haven’t seen one of your flyers yet. Have you called local vets to see if anyone has been looking for him?

    • To top that off there is a festival that our town has every year. It’s across the street and through a parking lot from us. So everyone in the world it seems has walked by my house today 😦 and no one owns this dog apparently. I have had three calls now about other dogs but not this one. It would help a lot if he was fixed or female.

    • Oh yes I have called animal control twice. I have left my number and information at one of the oldest vets in town. My neighbor told me about a beagle rescue group today right in front of my husband! What was that man thinking about? I love this fat little teddy bear. I know it makes no sense to even think about keeping him but dang I am attached. He needs me. I need him.

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