Snorty as I call him.

Snorty is still here. I am totally in love with him. He is so very sweet. He just wants to be petted and loved. Darla (my dog) does not like him. She won’t even go into the backyard except to quickly use the bathroom. She give Snorty the evil eye and doesn’t let him get close to her. Really Darla? Why? Snorty has done nothing to her. As a matter of fact he would love to be friends with her. I tried to sneak and take him for a second walk without Darla knowing it and he wouldn’t go! He was sitting by the back door and kept cutting his eyes up to the kitchen window. Now really how sweet and precious is that?! Snorty just wants to come in the house and it makes me so sad to not let him in. I think we could deal well enough with Darla’s attitude but not Miss Kitty. Snorty doesn’t seem scared of her in the least and the few times I tried to acquaint them it did not go well. I let him sleep loose last night and not in the crate and he was still in the yard this morning. I was so worried that he would escape and get run over before I could find his owner. He slept right up next to the house even though my son brought his igloo dog house over for me. He has a blankey and a pillow.

Why isn’t anyone looking for him? Or else where the heck are they looking? I have the biggest sign ever in my front yard.

He isn’t well either. I don’t know if it’s because he is overweight or if he has heart disease or heart worms. He seems to be breathing heavily or with some distress. It’s hard to tell though as he is the kind of dog who snores loudly, it’s sooooo cute. And when we walk he snorts the entire time as he smells everything along the way. I feel like I am walking a pig. It makes me laugh. He also seems to have arthritis and more pain and or stiffness in his back left leg. Oh Snorty what am I going to do with you?


3 responses to “Snorty as I call him.

  1. It’s wonderful that you are providing him with food, warmth, love, and companionship. It’s easy to get attached to animals.

    He looks like an older dog. I hope his owners find him soon.

  2. Yes he does seem to be an older dog. We call him poor old man sometimes.

  3. Poor Snorty, I do hope his owner turns up soon!

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