Happy Happy Dog Pics

This is my daughter MB giving him a much appreciated belly rub. MB isn’t usually so dirty but she had just changed the brakes on rodders(sp) on her truck. I love that she can do things like that.Her dad helps a little but she likes to do as much as possible.

More sweet belly rubs, he is as happy as can be.

5 responses to “Happy Happy Dog Pics

  1. What a lovely looking girl, I love how she is making the dog smile 🙂

  2. Your daughter is a doll!
    And that dog is smiling! Look at that grin. 😀

  3. Ah, how gorgeous, lapping up the love! And way to go, MB, changing the brakes – being mechanically challenged, I’m super impressed 😀

  4. He is having a great day indeed!!

  5. What sweet pics! Reminds me my pooch is overdue for some belly rubs 🙂

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