Tornado safety

Yes we have all always heard that you are supposed to go to a basement. The only problem there is that a lot of people no longer have basements or in the case of most people in the south they have almost never been built into houses. One more thing to hate about the south if you ask me. Anyway the point of this post is to get everyone thinking about where would you go if you had the time to plan ahead in the case of a tornado. I read that the people of Alabama knew for several days that extremely powerful storms were due to hit that area. Sometimes it is a paralyzing fear of not knowing what to do in such situations that prevent us from doing something proactive. So a neighbor and I are giving this much thought. Within our two or three block area there are two rather large sturdy long-standing brick buildings one of which we think has a lower level and two churches with basements. So now we thinking about plans to contact these places to see if they would open their facilities to the neighborhood if need be. It doesn’t really matter as we will be there breaking in if we have too. We just thought it might go faster or better if we had let them know first.

So now is the time to put your thinking caps on. Where could you go if you had too? A strong old brick building? A large brick church? The freezer of a fast food store? Any place with a lower level, a basement, or industrial freezer. If you have any creative ideas please pass them on to the rest of us.

4 responses to “Tornado safety

  1. My goodness, how terrifying to think of 😦 I have no idea where I would go …

  2. A good plan indeed. But always approach anything with out fear, for we live in a groundless universe.

    • I wish that I had that attitude. Even though I have had a wonderful and most peaceful near death experience and am 100% convinced of my salvation through Christ Jesus I still have a lot of earthly fears. I am human after all. I easily get attatched to people, places and things. And I really don’t want to play the part of Dorothy from The Wizzard of Oz!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful plan. There are NO basements around here. I’m not sure where I would go. Inside a closet with no windows probably . . .

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