A Magical Royal Wedding

Yes I stayed awake all night long and watched all of the festivities! And it was well worth every minute!

I watched it with my daughter who wasn’t terribly familiar with a lot of the people. I watched Princess Diana’s wedding with my newborn son in my arms. So this was great fun to share with my daughter. We were quite impressed with the scripture reading from Romans. Many of the prayers were about drawing strength from God to uphold this union in a faithful manner unlike some in the past. Too bad there was not a huge photograph of Diana there that certain people would have had to stare at. Or at least a candle lit in her honor.

I thought Cate was impressively composed and so very beautiful. She looked strong and confident. Prince William seemed truly happy unlike another someone from years past. I loved the way Prince Harry looked back to see Cate coming down the aisle then turned too William and said with a huge smile, she is so beautiful.

This was truly a magical fairytale wedding the start of a wonderful marriage that I think will be a great adventure, a happy fulfilling companionship and love filled life.

4 responses to “A Magical Royal Wedding

  1. Wow! You pulled an all nighter?!

    Your description is good. It definitely seemed a happier ceremony that Diana’s wedding 30 years ago.

  2. Thank you, you know how I hate too write. And in light of all of you magnificent writers it is really stressful.
    Yes all night!!! My daughter, myself, three dogs who did not understand what the heck we were doing and a cat who is never happy to have two other dogs in the house.
    And we had to be reasonably quiet as my husband had to get up for work early. My daughter kept on eating chocolate and getting more and more talkative! Then we thought the satelite was going to turn off right before the wedding and we had no idea how to fix the problem and the box was in the room with my husband. Turns out it didn’t go off and all ended well. I am exhausted and could probably sleep for days but I have to get up and drive this poor little fat doggie around. He is so cute and is being so sweet. He loves belly rubs. I wish I could keep him, damn where is that lottery money!

  3. You need to run an animal sanctuary. 🙂

    Get a good night’s sleep.

  4. It was delightful to watch, my daughter and I decided to go to a seafood restaurant that had a telly. The mood was so festive, truly a memorable occasion 🙂

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