I am not kidding. Another dog.

Is there an invisible sign in my yard that only dogs can read? Here is another lost dog. Sweet as can be. Very old. Old and fat. A basset/beagle mix. Needs a bath. Collar is on the verge of being too small. He is a he. And he digs and escapes. My neighbor made him very comfortable in his fenced yard for me. What a nice man he is. The dog already escaped three times. No wonder he is lost. The poor thing spent the night on a porch down the road last night. We had a horrible thunderstorm. The very tip edge of the storms that hit Alabama. This guy was driving by and asked us about the dog. We thought he belonged down the street so we offered to go get him and take him home. It wasn’t that dog. That dog was already at home. Ugh. My daughter and I drove all around and talked to a million people. Nice people but not the dogs owners. No we did not find them. Oh dear God please send this poor sweet fat dog’s owners and let be nice people.

4 responses to “I am not kidding. Another dog.

  1. I hope he’s been claimed by now 😦

  2. Me too. Good for you being an angel in the meantime, xo

  3. The Universe obviously sends them your way, Linda. Hope the owners have showed up.

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