Another day, another dog

I was in my second sleep of the day when my partner in crime oh I mean partner in dog saving, my neighbor called to tell me too look out of the window at the little lost dog roaming around. I looked. couldn’t see a thing. Finally I saw it. Such a tiny little chihuahua. Is that how you spell it? Anyway I tried and tried to get close to it or get it too come to me. No luck. We live a block from a pretty busy intersection so was I was very worried. It didn’t look like any of the dogs I knew in the neighborhood. I put water out for it and prayed. I had no idea how to help it. Later in the afternoon my dog barked to let me know she saw it across the street. I managed to get closer to it. Then I had the idea to herd it into my neighbor’s yard as he has no dogs. As I was doing that he came and gave me some gloves. I decided that if I was ever going to be bitten by a stray dog this would be the time and I would just have to take that chance, as there was no way I was going to let this little tiny dog continue to wander around in the business park where it was. It had already crossed the road several times. I managed to pet it without it biting me so I went for it and picked it up. No biting even though it was scared to death. I put it into my neighbor’s yard where it would be safe while I thought about the problem. Then I touched it again to check the tag. No name just a petmed number. So I called the number and of course got a recording. Ugh. I love the little dog but I am sure someone must be worried sick about it. Surely it’s lost and not thrown out. Not with a collar and tag on it. I am just relieved that it finally ate some food and drank some water. It’s backbone was showing. I can’t believe how little and sweet it is. Poor little thing. So far I think my average of finding lost dogs is about one a month. I am really going to have to come up with some better plans to handle this. I am not good with spur of the moment or surprises.

Oh yes I called the police department and left my number there. I will call animal control tomorrow if no one calls me from the number that I left with petmed and I made a huge sign to put out on the light pole.

7 responses to “Another day, another dog

  1. You’re such a wonderful friend to the animals, Linda. I hope you are able to reunite the pup with its owner using the petmed number.

  2. ha! i was way off with my spelling! On the way home (two hours) from my moms the other day I was scared to look out of the car windows. I just knew I would see a lost dog. My husband would never stop for one. We did see a man in my hometown sitting by the road with his pitbull trying to sell it’s puppies. That made me mad.

  3. LOL! I am about too roll on the floor! That is such a great story! I love it. Great pics too.

  4. You’ll go straight to heaven!

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