I have called Animal Control in my county twice about animals that need help and it has been very frustrating. I got the runaround. And they ask for your personal information. What are they idiots. I’m not giving you my name, phone number and address so the people whom I have called them on can come and harass me.

The big boss man that I talked to last time sounded like a big boss man from the south. I don’t know if he had the huge beer gut or was smoking a big cigar but he sure as hell had the dumbass I don’t give a shit drawl. He said to me, so you haven’t actually been in the yard? You just drive by it. I described a yard that was not fit to keep an animal in. Let alone two animals. I described huge chains that were far too heavy and short for the dogs they were attached too. I described inadequate housing. I told him no matter what time of the day or night I have driven by I have never see either dog off of the chains or walked. I have never seen anyone in the yard playing with them or showing them any affection. None of this bothered him in the least. He did seem bothered to be talking to someone about it thought. Well he’s going to become a lot more bothered if I go by that way one more time and see no improvement in those dogs lives.

2 responses to “ASPCA

  1. Animal Control, as I understand it, is set up to protect PEOPLE from ANIMALS, not to protect ANIMALS from PEOPLE.

    It is NOT a humane society ~ the more dogs locked up in backyards, the easier their job becomes.

    If you want to protect those dogs from abuse, you need to contact a HUMANE society . . . the ASPCA or HSUS. Good luck.

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