Human Planet

I haven’t seen this before or if I have I don’t remember. I just watched the episode where the father in the Himalayas is taking his two children to school. No one should ever complain again about their morning commute! This man had to take his two children (tweenish ages) on a journey of about five days and forty miles! on the Chadar River. They walked and there were no hotels along the way. They slept in cave like holes in the cliffs.  My eyes were as big as saucers and I could hardly breath as they were climbing down a ledge on just little metal bars and sliding along under a rock on thin ice!!! It was heart stopping.

They made it safely to the school, where the father left them and then had to turn around and make the journey back home alone.

That show should be shown to every spoiled school kid who has a nice ride to school that only takes an hour or less.

One response to “Human Planet

  1. Yikes, haven’t seen that show before.

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