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Pet Photo Enhancement by Moi!

I was finally able to get that nasty leash and harness off of Darla in her photo just like Rebecca did! I just needed a little inspiration. Thanks Rebecca.

After You Shoot (a gun in shelf defense)

I came across this most unusual and interesting book this afternoon. After You Shoot by Alan Korwin. He mentions some things that I have never thought about and hope that I never need too. He talks about calling 911 for help if you are ever in the situation of confronting and shooting an intruder and what that does to your legal rights.

The Sneaky Chef

Are you like me always trying to sneak veggies into your husband’s food?If so then this is the book for you. I was so excited to see this book, The Sneaky Chef, at the grocery store today. Well as excited as I can be about a cookbook. I was going to buy it just for a laugh at the title with my husband even if I don’t use it. I’m pretty sure I will be using it though. Last month I tried sneaking green tea into our tea everytime I made it. Finally he saw the bags and said he thought the tea hadn’t been tasting quite right. I still told him it was his imagination. The man won’t go near a vegetable so this should be a nice experiment. Not too mention there is a recipe in here for healthy donuts!!!! And chocolate cake!


Now this is one cool room! Bedroom or otherwise! I would even like this. A pirate’s ship in your house. And it sure doesn’t have too be “pirate”, it could just be a ship or how about a balloon? or a tree house? or a sailboat?  or a plane?! Oh the fun!!!

More of the mural

I have painted a little more. It was a little hairy as I couldn’t get the bottom of the marble to look like the top that I had already painted. Finally it worked out. So here is a little more work done.

This is the photo that I am working from although I am doing my side panels as marble instead of whatever the book shows.

This is the part I am probably not going to do!

This is the book that I am using. Imagine painting what’s on the cover!

Super Fast Mural

My husband intends on replacing this piece of the wall with new drywall but I say why when I can paint a mural on it. He doesn’t want a mural in his man cave/our den. He is a minimalist. Well I can’t have that big blank wall staring at me when I am in there. When he chalked it off last night I could just see what had to go there. So inspite of his stubborness and refusal to even think about it I set about slapping up a mural as fast as I could before he gets home from work. It looks rather willy nilly which it is because I wanted to get a general idea of it all so I went about it in a slightly crazy way. I think he will like it if I get a chance to finish it. If he still doesn’t like it oh well at least I know that is one that I can do with no problem. If I didn’t need to stop and take a nap I could have it finished by the time he gets home. It’s going to look great. Don’t get the wrong idea, he hasn’t minded me paining in every other room in the house including the floors.

Check It Out!

Take a look at what an amazing job fellow blogger Rebecca Spencer did at removing the harness and leash from Darla in this photograph (through the link). I had already tried and failed many times. This is so wonderful.

Photo Enhancement

The original was very very small and had a screen of some type over it. There were also brown spots in a few places at the top. I removed the brown spots and blended the screen as much as possible then slightly colorized some of the photo.  This was one of just a few photos that someone had after a house fire. So it was great too be able to give her another one that was in better condition and one that she could actually see! It printed out best as a 4 x 6.

Oh heavens this is cute!

I want one! How can anyone eat bacon or ham after seeing this?! Little bathing piggy.

In The Moonlight

She danced and laughed all around the garden, all night long under the brilliant blue moonlight.