Mural is in one piece, not on the wall but in one piece!

Well I know I had said that he could go ahead tear out that section of wall if he wanted because I was just piddling with this mural to see how it came out but I was wrong. I really like it. So when he decided to go ahead with it I was not happy to say the least but the man somehow managed to get it off of the wall in one piece. Good for him.

After I realized that he really was going to take the piece of wall out all that mattered was that he get it out as a whole piece and not torn to bits. Now I can continue painting it. And yes there are two different colors of “marble” on it. That’s how it is in Graham Rust’s book, Revisiting the Painted House. I did lose a little bit across the bottom but I am not bothered by that. If it had stayed in place on the wall there would have been white molding painted all around it. If I decide to stick it back into another wall somewhere else in the house then I will add that later. It still needs the shelf painted in and a beautiful flower on the shelf. Plus some architectural pieces added.

3 responses to “Mural is in one piece, not on the wall but in one piece!

  1. Your house must be a site to behond at the moment ~ missing walls and delightful murals. 😀

  2. Oops . . . site to behold, not site to behond.

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