Super Fast Mural

My husband intends on replacing this piece of the wall with new drywall but I say why when I can paint a mural on it. He doesn’t want a mural in his man cave/our den. He is a minimalist. Well I can’t have that big blank wall staring at me when I am in there. When he chalked it off last night I could just see what had to go there. So inspite of his stubborness and refusal to even think about it I set about slapping up a mural as fast as I could before he gets home from work. It looks rather willy nilly which it is because I wanted to get a general idea of it all so I went about it in a slightly crazy way. I think he will like it if I get a chance to finish it. If he still doesn’t like it oh well at least I know that is one that I can do with no problem. If I didn’t need to stop and take a nap I could have it finished by the time he gets home. It’s going to look great. Don’t get the wrong idea, he hasn’t minded me paining in every other room in the house including the floors.


6 responses to “Super Fast Mural

  1. Very cool! You’ve got good depth perception and perspective, Linda.

  2. Personally, I’ve never “tackled” a wall ~ morning, noon, or night. So, I’m impressed. 🙂

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    That is cool! I like it!

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