Beware your name

There is nothing like waking up to your mother in law calling too say that your husband’s obituary is in the paper. After assuring her that her son was not dead I laughed and said maybe people will bring us food!

The entire time that we have lived in our town there has been another man with the same name but a different middle initial. He has caused quite a few problems including a hospital bill being sent to collections. Now that was certainly a surprise phone call to get. We are calling due to the bill for your husband’s surgery being sent to our collections department. That was in the morning also and I am not a morning person. It took me few minutes to sort that one out.

A co-worker of my husbands brought in an arrest photo of him one day. Lots of teasing there. Yep. I’m really surprised the police have never shown up at our house looking for him.

Well unless his family has played the last trick on us by giving the funeral home our address for the bill maybe we have finally heard the last of him.

Maybe all of those movie star’s who give their children wild and crazy names are the smart ones after all.

4 responses to “Beware your name

  1. Excellent post, Linda . . . from wondering whether people will bring your food to talking about the name preferences of the rich and famous.

  2. I think we all would like to think of our names as uniquely ours, but I’ve been plagued with “Richard Scott”‘s for years. And, much like your case, have had no end of bill collectors out after me because of a guy who lived not two blocks away with the same name. Grumble. Just TRY to get your name as a URL for your author’s platform if, like mine, your name is not uncommon. Sigh.

  3. OMG, that sounds complicated, Linda…and disturbing first thing in the morning! Hope the confusion is laid peacefully to rest now 🙂

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