This morning my son and I went out of town and on the way south we passed a very frightening accident. A logging truck going north had crossed lanes on a four lane road, hit two cars and skidded into someone’s yard an inch away from their house! It happened minutes before we passed. It was quite an unexpected scene to come upon as were going down the road. There were other people stopping if help was needed and the police and ambulance were on the way so there was no need for us too stop. I’m pretty sure had we been a few minutes earlier and witnessed it I would have had a heart attack. The logging truck slid about twenty feet through the peoples front yard. I saw several people standing in the front yard at the rear of the truck so I don’t think anyone was hurt amazingly enough. The cars were probably not driveable though.

Then as we were almost to our destination a man had an accident on a motorcycle mere seconds before we passed. I think he hydroplanned, flew off the road and then fell off. He was standing up taking his helment off so he seemed to unhurt also, thank goodness.

Oh and I almost forgot about the fox we saw running across someones roof! It may have been a barn or a shed, not sure. That was an odd sight that I have never seen before.

I’m not quite sure if I should keep my open or closed for the ride home.

Update: the logging truck ran a light, doesn’t that make you feel safe! One woman had to be extracted from her car and airlifted to nearby hospital and three other people in another car were treated and released from the hospital.


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  1. Wow! That’s quite a day. We’ve seen a few accidents happen during interstate driving. It’s never pleasant to watch, especially if the accident could have been avoided if people had been paying more attention to the road.

    On that note: If you’re driving . . . keep your eyes OPEN. 😉

  2. Big trucks drive me nuts sometimes! They always seem to be passing other cars on the freeway and I really think they are the ones that ought to be going the slowest!

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