Making Good on a New Year’s Resolution.

Every December I always say I’ll start getting ready for Christmas next week, tomorrow etc. Then I am crazy for the last few days. I want to start finding things on sale throughout the year and stocking up. I’ll have a Christmas bin where everything will be ready and waiting for Christmas. I already have one recipe idea and now this stash of Christmas cards! Which by the way doesn’t have to be used for Christmas. I can buy spray adhesive and put an entire new face on the card and use it any way I want to. So at 25 cents a box that’s my kind of deal and a great start to the New Year! These came from the Dollar Store and I bought seven boxes including a box for my grandson to play with. A box of Santa cards that he picked out. What kid wouldn’t want to practice their handwriting like that?

One response to “Making Good on a New Year’s Resolution.

  1. Excellent start to the New Year. I used to buy my cards in the after Christmas clearance ~ but I don’t think I ever got them for $.25 a box!

    I also used to shop throughout the year and keep presents in a gift drawer. Now that my nieces and nephews are older, I don’t do much shopping for them ~ they’d rather have a check.

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