Family: Stepmother says illness killed Zahra –

This story makes my blood boil everytime it’s in the news. It’s obvious from previous things read that the step – mom was the evil wicked step-mom straight out of the Cinderella story. Only there is no happy ending for this poor beautiful innocent child. A child people! A child abused by her parent or parents. A child who had already lost her hearing and a leg to cancer by the age of ten! If your spouse but not the birth parent of your child was mistreating your child even abusing her then would you not get your child out of that relationship. You and your child. But no this couple worked together to make this childs life miserable for no reason other than being evil vile creatures whom we do not need walking around on this earth. Even if you buy this newly made up crap story that the girl died and the parents did not want to take her to the hospital because they were in the country illegaly what kind of parent would dissmember their own child?!!!!!!!! No decent parent would let their child whom had already been so severly ill suffer as she must have for two weeks if she were so ill that she died from it! And then dispose of her body in such a sick and horrendous way! Click on that link and look at the beautiful darling child. A beautiful darling child who was completely lost in our system. How many things went wrong that no one was able to save this child from that evil family?  Zahra did not die from natural causes, she died from neglect. Neglect by her biological father, the first and foremost person who was supposed to take care of her. Neglect by an evil step-mom, neglect by other family members who wouldn’t step up to the plate and take care of this child even after they realized what all went on in her house. It sure wasn’t a home. Neglect by many others and most of all by Child Protective Services who did not do a proper job checking up on the complaints they did have. Zarhra died from neglect.

Family: Stepmother says illness killed Zahra –

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