The Beautiful Tree

You may have seen this tree on this blog before because as I say in the title of the photo I think it’s beautiful so I take many photographs of it.

7 responses to “The Beautiful Tree

  1. Linda, when you get a chance:

    It’s about playing with photos . . . right up your alley.

    I’ve also suggested that FlyingGma come here for a look-see.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Love the tree photo. I just started playing with photography a little bit in my blog and also started a photoblog called MineEyesHaveSeen which is a link on my site. I plan on posting just one photo a day there as I play with my camera.
    I’m looking into purchasing a SLR camera since all I have is a Nikon Cool Pix digital camera. I used to have a Konica SLR camera about 25 years ago I loved it. I used it for a photography class that I took in college and learned to develop my own black & white photos.
    I’m open to any and all suggestions for cameras at this point in time.

    • The only camera I really know anything about is my Canon Rebel XT. I do love it but I can’t wait to get a better lens than the standard kit lens. A friend of my daughter has a Nikon D300 or is a 3000 I don’t know. I liked that one too except it didn’t seem to have an automatic bracketing setting. Unless we just couldn’t find it. I would suggest going on flicker and finding the absolut best photos and take notice of what camera they used. Check out the dog photos by Illona Hause. Scruffy dog photos. They are amazing.

  3. I have had the Nikon D3000 and the Rebel EOS (i think) recommended so far but I like your idea of checking out the photos I like best and what they are shot with. One of my favorite photo blogs is He does photos around Australia. Absolutely beautiful.

    Also another favorite is who does primarily outdoor photography in New England plants and animals. If you have any other favorites please share some links. It’s so much fun to see what’s out there.

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