Creating a high dynamic range photograph

Using a DSLR camera set it to capture three different exposures using the automatic bracketing setting. A tripod is pretty much a must unless you have the hand steadiness of a bionic surgeon. Wouldn’t that be a robot? After you have uploaded your photos onto your computer, open Adobe Photoshop, click File, then go to Automate. A window will open up, you click browse and search through your files to find the three exposures that you want to work with. Click ok and, sit back and let the magic happen. Well sort of. Your three photos will pop up as one merged photograph with an unusual look too it. Some people like that look. Others insist that this should be adjusted to create a photo as nearly perfect as can be. I like the slightly unusual look with a few adjustments. I think it gives a somewhat old fashioned look to the photograph. You can play around with the sliders individually or use the dropdown box to create a preset look. It’s all up to you, do what you want. Have fun. Below are the three photographs that I used for this example and the finished result.

Keep in mind that HDR is generally used to compensate for poor lighting. However I enjoy using it to create photographs that look somewhat different and in this last example I over exagerted it quite a bit.

One response to “Creating a high dynamic range photograph

  1. Very cool “collage.”

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