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Tonight at 10ish


Half an hour later it was as clear as a bell, whatever that means. What does that mean?

Leaves are always pretty.

ChristmasTree In The Woods

It was a gorgeous day today so Darla and I went out and decorated the little Charlie Brown tree on along the walking trail that leads through the woods.

Home made moonshine

Great burger!

Finally had a great burger today. These cooked up in the frying pan in no time. They did fall apart but thats ok the Muenster cheese held them together in the bun. Yum yum.

We have a mix. Getting closer and closer to a white Christmas.

Why the Taliban gave me a Christmas tree – Yahoo! News

A heartwarming, insightful article that is a must read. Oh and by the way, Merry Christmas!

Why the Taliban gave me a Christmas tree – Yahoo! News

Whilst – Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary

 I like this word and yes I do use it in conversation, mostly at home.

Whilst – Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary

A walk with the dog and the camera, yes it’s that unusual.

D, she actually sat down and sat still!

A little Charlie Brown tree. I think I am going to go back and put a few decorations on it to surprise people who use this trail.

These trees are wearing their fur coats. A little to warm for them today.

The end for us anyway.

Christmas Dreams