Obama calls Eagles owner to congraulate him for signing Vick – Shutdown Corner – NFL  – Yahoo! Sports

Well there goes what little respect that I might have had for President Obama, right out the window.  What Vick did was the same thing as murder.  It was premeditated. It was looked upon and watched with eagerness.  Forcing dogs to fight to the death. Stop and think about that scene for a few minutes. Think of your beloved pets being put into that situation. Think of the horror. And he purposely arranged this as entertainment and for profit! This was no minor little uh oh that he committed. Think of a person’s heart who would be able to do this kind of deed. Think of the darkness that presides there.

And now of all people the President calls and says what a good little boy, you sat in time out, now everything is forgiven. What message does this send to the rest of the scumbags who do this?!  In my opinion it’s outrageous and dangerous. The President does not know where to draw the line and is a little too friendly. No Mr. President you cannot be everyone,s friend. Some people are bad. Believe or not there are bad people  in the world and Micheal Vick is one of them. And you just gave him hero status. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Maybe you would like Vick to watch your dog for a weekend.

Obama calls Eagles owner to congraulate him for signing Vick – Shutdown Corner – NFL  – Yahoo! Sports.

2 responses to “Obama calls Eagles owner to congraulate him for signing Vick – Shutdown Corner – NFL  – Yahoo! Sports

  1. Does a farm owner deserve the same harsh treatment as Vick? I’m not supporting dog fighting by any means, but why are we so outraged as a society. Is it that we know deep down that we exploit animals for food and other products every day? Why is one form of exploitation more vile than the next. Why is Michael Vick the only criminal here?

    Just thinking out loud. Don’t necessarily disagree with you, just playing devil’s advocate

    • Perfectly sensible question. I completely understand what you are saying. I have always tried to be vegetarian. It has been somewhat difficult for me although I do not eat red meat. I disagree with the way most farm animals are managed nowadays.

      I think the reason so many people feel so passionately about the situation with dogs is because they have been so fully domesticated. But hey I would feel the same way about a pig or cow and it broke my heart to see a squirrel that had been run over in the road tonight.

      I think its more the idea that they are made to fight each other and starved to further the process along. Also the fact that people who do this also steal peoples pets and throw them in with a pit bull. I don’t how too fully explain it and maybe the Tucker comment was slightly harsh but not too far off. Thanks for your comment.

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