Too young for love? No. Too young for a wedding? No. At least not in my opinion. The girl was dying! Would it really have been so bad to grant her the one wish that almost every young girl desires? Too marry in a beautiful ceremony with a Cinderella wedding dress.

Her grandparents who seemed to be her guardians must have deemed a wedding a very bad idea since they came up with the idea of an alternative ceremony. So they found the ugliest old lady dress they could  because no, we can’t have her looking anything like a bride, heaven forbid. Really?! What exactly would have been the problem here? The poor girl is dying before your eyes and has a young man who obviously loves her greatly. Would it really have been too much to buy the dying girl the wedding dress of her dreams? Even to let her have a real wedding ceremony? Really? would it?

I say no. No, it would not have been such a terrible thing. It would have been the greatest day of this poor young girls sad little life. It would have been a dream come true.

Talk about don’t sweat the small stuff! I say someone was far too concerned about some nonsense to let the poor girl have what she deserved.

Now she’s dead. Dead and gone.


One response to “Yahoo!

  1. The link took me someplace else, not to the story.

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