No Snow, No Surprise

Of course we did not wake up to any snow piles here in the South. It was after all just a few silly flakes. Tumultuous winds came instead.

Oops, wait, here’s more news that I just found!

On Sunday, there’s a chance of snow in the Piedmont as a low-pressure system moves from the Gulf of Mexico to the Carolina coast. On the northwest side of the low, there should be a narrow but moderate snow chance.

Be ready for just about anything this week with this very cold air locked in through next week.

White Christmas for Charlotte?

If you are wondering, the chance, historically, of a white Christmas in Charlotte is about 2 percent. We’ve only had accumulating snows three times in 132 Christmases and the last time was in 1947.

  • 5.8 inches in 1947
  • .2 inches in 1909
  • 4 inches in 1880

Iā€™d put this year’s chances — due to this cold pattern we are in — closer to 10 percent.


3 responses to “No Snow, No Surprise

  1. I’m sorry your exhuberant enthusiasm didn’t cause the snow gods to bless you with drifts of snow this morning. šŸ™‚

    • wait go back and look at what i added šŸ™‚ really i don’t want snow though. can’t help but find it a little exciting somehow. but i do worry about the homeless people and animals.

    • So, you may have a White Christmas after all. We used to live in Winston-Salem (1984-1992) and did have some snow to contend with, but not much.

      I’ll say a prayer for all to find shelter, warmth, food, and drink.

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